Compensation Study

Wisconsin public libraries have identified a significant need for a comprehensive process to maintain data on library staff salaries and position classifications. This information would be used to aid library boards in determining appropriate standards and compensation to attract and retain the best possible employees for these positions.

A Compensation Survey was commissioned through SRLAAW on May 11, 2022 using LSTA funding provided through DPI with Southwest Library System acting as fiscal agent. A Compensation Survey Workgroup was formed and an RFP created to select a consultant to guide the compensation survey and analysis. The Workgroup chose Carlson Dettmann Consulting as the consultant and work started on position descriptions, obtaining library contact information and survey composition. The survey was released on February 1, 2023 and was open through March 31 after a brief extension.

A final Summary Report of data from 308 participating public libraries is now available.

Library administrators and boards are advised to work with their municipalities when sharing data from the Summary Report. Using the Report information in tandem with other regional market studies can help obtain a more accurate picture and make a stronger case for equitable compensation for library staff.

Compensation Toolkit

Other Information

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