Mailing List

SRLAAW maintains a private electronic mailing list that is used for sending announcements and discussing issues. This service is provided to SRLAAW by Prairie Lakes Library System. To subscribe to or unsubscribe from the SRLAAW list please contact Stephen Ohs at Prairie Lakes Library System.

The SRLAAW mailing list only accepts messages from subscribers. If you are a subscriber to the list, you may send messages to all other list subscribers by sending an email to

This list is set up so that replies go to the sender unless you specify otherwise. Please be sure to “Reply All” to reply to the entire list.

SRLAAW Listserv Policy

The SRLAAW listserv is a closed two-way discussion list that allows for ongoing discussions among SRLAAW members and affiliates. Listserv access will be granted to individuals that hold a current executive administrative position in a library system or resource library. Affiliate groups and reporting entities can have designees added to the listserv as their current work requires. Requests to be added or removed from the SRLAAW listserv should be directed to the current SRLAAW Chair who will then approve and communicate to the listserv administrator. When posts are made to the list, they are distributed to all subscribers of the list and are not moderated. Any forms of harassment, personal attacks, or abusive language will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the list.

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