Creating More Effective Library Systems - Vetting Process and Feedback

In 2013SRLAAW undertook a multi-part process to examine how public library systems can remain effective in meeting member library needs into the future, including the possibility of reconfiguring systems.

Between May 2nd and mid-July, the subcommittee engaged in a number of activities, including focus group sessions, individual library interviews, meetings with various stakeholders, and solicitation of feedback, aimed at gathering feedback from the library community about the preliminary recommendations and proposed standards.

What follows are Excel and pdf files that compile the feedback by topic. There are files for all of the recommendations and proposed standards contained in the Progress Report and Preliminary Recommendations.

Feedback on Preliminary Recommendations

Feedback on Proposed Standards

Other Feedback

There is also a file of overall comments, a file related to system effectiveness, a file of feedback not directly related to the content of the report, a file of letters received from library and system boards, and a file of more extensive comments submitted by individuals with expertise in a particular area.

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