Creating More Effective Library Systems

In 2013 SRLAAW undertook a multi-part process to examine how public library systems can remain effective in meeting member library needs in the future, including the possibility of reconfiguring systems. The ultimate goal of this process is for systems to provide services that help their member libraries to better serve Wisconsin library patrons now and in the future.

Final Report

The final report was adopted by the SRLAAW membership on August 2, 2013.

Final Report: Creating More Effective Public Library Systems

Vetting Process and Feedback

Vetting Process and Feedback page

Between May 2nd and mid-July 2013, the subcommittee engaged in a number of activities, including focus group sessions, individual library interviews, meetings with varous stakeholders, and solicitation of feedback, aimed at gathering feedback from the library community about the preliminary recommendations. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, compiled feedback from the vetting process has been posted on the Vetting Process and Feedback page.

Preliminary Report

On May 2, 2013 a document entitled Progress Report and Preliminary Recommendations, which was prepared by the SRLAAW subcommittee, was presented at the WAPL Spring Conference.

Progress Report and Preliminary Recommendations

This report marked the beginning of the second phase of the process: vetting the proposed recommendations in the library community and with others who have an interest in public libraries. The subcommittee gathered feedback during the next few months, revising the recommendations based on this feedback, and presenting a final report to SRLAAW for action in August.

Committee members created three short webinars in order to increase understanding and knowledge of this process and the preliminary recommendations.

Part 1 – BackgroundWebinar ArchiveSlides
Part 2 – RecommendationsWebinar ArchiveSlides
Part 3 – StandardsWebinar ArchiveSlides

Background Information

Prior to issuing its preliminary report, the subcommittee engaged a variety of activities to gather input from the Wisconsin library community and other experts. Background information about this process, its activities, and the data collected is also available on the SRLAAW website. Information on the background page includes the original proposal for the project, information and results from the February 4th retreat, reports and data from the public library surveys, information about system reconfigurations in other states.

Background Information Page

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