SRLAAW regularly engages in special projects and appoints committees to study issues of importance to public libraries in Wisconsin. In the future, all significant project or committee reports will be posted on this web site. Some older reports will also be included upon request of the SRLAAW membership.

  • Creating More Effective Library Systems (2013)
    A multi-part process to examine how public library systems can remain effective in meeting member library needs in the future, including the possibility of reconfiguring systems
  • SRLAAW Interlibrary Loan Committee Final Report (PDF)
    This SRLAAW Committee, chaired by Alan Engelbert, met throughout 2003 and 2004 to indentify ILL alternatives and the data necessary to evaluate them.
  • Developing a Unifying Vision for Library Services in Wisconsin: 2000-2001
    This SRLAAW project explored strategies for improving state funding for public library systems and resulted in recommendations for the improvement of public library service.
  • Proposed Public Library District Legislation: 1992 (PDF format)
    In 1992 a committe of SRLAAW proposed that legislation be developed to enable the formation of public library districts. Library district legislation was not introduced at that time. At the August 23, 2001 meeting, SRLAAW agreed to again explore the feasibility of public library district legislation.
  • Draft Standards Report (PDF format)
    SRLAAW established a standards subcommittee in the fall of 2001. The attached report was for that committee’s deliberations. At the committee’s request, it was updated to include per capita and mill rate data for each library. The attached data (in Excel for Windows format) are calculated from Wisconsin Library Service Record information for 1999. 
  • SRLAAW Compensation Study (July 2023)
    A Compensation Survey and Analysis was commissioned through SRLAAW on May 11, 2022 using LSTA funding provided through DPI with Southwest Library System acting as fiscal agent.
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