Membership in SRLAAW is limited to directors/administrators of library systems and directors/administrators of resource libraries, or the designee of the director/administrator of either type of agency. SRLAAW members are listed in the table below.

For more information about member systems or resource libraries, go to their individual web sites or check the Wisconsin Library Directory.


Resource Library

IFLS Library System
John Thompson, Director
L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library
Nancy Kerr, Director
Kenosha County Library System
Barbara Brattin, Director
Kenosha Public Library
Barbara Brattin, Director
Prairie Lakes Library System
Steve Ohs, Director
Steve Platteter, Deputy Director
Racine Public Library
Nick Demske, Interim Director
Manitowoc-Calumet Library System
 Rebecca Scherer, Director
Manitowoc Public Library
Karin Adams, Director
Milwaukee County Federated Library System
Steve Heser, Director
Milwaukee Public Library
Joan Johnson, Director
Monarch Library System
Riti Grover, Director
Mead Public Library
Garrett Erickson, Director
Nicolet Federated Library System
Tracy Vreeke, Director
Brown County Library
Sarah Sugden, Director
Northern Waters Library Service
Sherry Anderson, Director
Superior Public Library
Sue Heskin, Director
Outagamie Waupaca Library System
Bradley Shipps, Director
Appleton Public Library
Colleen Rortvedt, Director
South Central Library System
Shannon Schultz, Director
Madison Public Library
Tana Elias, Director
Southwest Wisconsin Library System
Angela Noel, Director
Platteville Public Library
Jessie Lee-Jones, Director
Bridges Library System
Karol Kennedy, Director
Waukesha Public Library
Bruce Gay, Director
Winding Rivers Library System
Kristen Anderson, Director
La Crosse Public Library
Shanneon Grant, Director
Winnefox Library System
Clairellyn Sommersmith, Director
Oshkosh Public Library
Darryl Eschete, Director
Wisconsin Valley Library Service
Marla Sepnafski, Director
Marathon County Public Library
Leah Giordano, Director
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